Consent to have data processed by Helmholtz centre for environmental research - UFZ

1. Consent
By registering with an electronical e-recruiting system at the Helmholtz centre for environmental research - UFZ you are giving the company your personal details in the form of a specific application for the purposes of finding employment. Your data will be stored and processed in systems belonging to our software partner Haufe-umantis AG.

2. Data protection and confidentiality
We take data protection seriously. Helmholtz centre for environmental research - UFZ and software partner Haufe-umantis AG have taken the organisational and technical measures required to protect the confidentiality of your application. Under the tems of their employment contract, all of the employees in our HR department and that of our software partner undertake to keep personal details secret. An automatically activated 128 bit encryption system ensures that your data will be transmitted securely. When processing data, we take into account general data security standards in line with the latest technology.

3. Using your personal details
Your form of address, first name, last name and the usual correspondence information such as postal address, email address and telephone numbers are saved in the applicant database during the application process. Application documents such as your letter of application, CV, educational and training qualifications and work certificates are also created.
This data is only saved, evaluated, edited or forwarded internally as part of your application. They are only accessible to employees of the personnel department and the organizational units which are responsible for the selection process. Under no circumstances will your data be passed on to any company or individual outside of Helmholtz centre for environmental research - UFZ or used for any other purpose. The data may be used for statistical purposes (e.g. reporting). In such cases, nothing can be traced to any individual.

4. Right to information
You may submit a request for information to find out which data about you is being processed. Please submit this to our HR department.
You may access your electronic data at any time in order to change it or to delete it yourself.

5. Saving and deleting the data
Should you take up employment at Helmholtz centre for environmental research - UFZ, your personal data, or at least a part of it, will be added to your personnel file.

If you have applied but been rejected, your data will be stored for another approximately 3 months after the application process has ended and then deleted (profile and application). You will not be notified that the data has been deleted.

If you have applied, but we are unable to offer you a suitable position at that time, we reserve the right to add your application to a talent pool. In such a case, you will be informed. Should you not want this, or if you are no longer interested, you can delete your data (profile and application) yourself whenever you wish. If your application is added to a talent pool, the data will be stored for 12 months and then deleted.

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