Equal opportunities are an integral part of our personnel policy; we therefore particularly welcome applications from qualified women. Severely disabled persons are given priority where applicants are equally qualified.

Your contact for any questions you may have about the job:
Dr. Daniel Graeber
Aquatische Ökosystemanalyse / Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis
Tel.: 0391 810 9103, Fax: 0341 235 459103
daniel.graeber@ufz.de , ufz.de

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Place of work: Magdeburg

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The Department ofAquatic Ecosystem Analysis is off ering  positions for Master
thesis to commence at the earliest convenience.

Master thesis: Can the addition of available carbon strengthen the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus in streams?

Agriculture and urban sources export nitrogen and phosphorus with negative effects on rivers, lakes and estuaries, especially due to the increased number and intensity of algal and cyanobacteria blooms. These negative effects may be reduced by bacterial retention of nitrogen and phosphorus in streams. However, carbon availability may limit this removal, since microorganisms only take up nitrogen and phosphorus efficiently when sufficient carbon is available. Since human sources mostly export nitrogen and phosphorus but not carbon, it is likely that not enough carbon is available, and that streams may leak nitrogen and phosphorus to downstream ecosystems. Within this master thesis, we will investigate this hypothesis using small flow chambers and add reactive carbon to stream water and sediment to assess, whether we can influence the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus. The master thesis will take place at the UFZ in Magdeburg and can be written either in German or in English.
Collaborators: Helge Norf (UFZ) & Marc Stutter (James Hutton Institute, Scotland)

Your tasks:

  • Sampling of water from streams
  • Indoor experiments on the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Analysis and interpretation of the experimental outcomes based on the scientific literature

Your profile:

  • You are studying Environmental Sciences/ Chemistry, Geoecology, Ecology, Chemistry, or similar
  • You are interested in the human impacts on carbon and nutrients in aquatic ecosystems
  • You are reliable and a team player
  • You are proficient in English

We offer:

  • Strong supervision and help in all phases of the master thesis
  • Clearly defined experiments and goals to ensure a successful thesis
  • Excellent technical equipment and a friendly open atmosphere
  • Participation in a study at the forefront of stream ecology, biogeochemistry and ecological stoichiometry